“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana


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Gospel Attraction

Wrapping the Central Message of Christianity

Wrapping the Central Message

Evangelical Christians have long been associated with telling people about Jesus Christ. The term born-again brings up images of a devout, exited for Jesus, Christian who can’t stop trying to convert others to Christianity. Our culture is, in general, open to many forms of spiritual expression and exploration, but somehow the Good News of Jesus Christ is not the best news around. Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ just not cool enough, modern enough, or hip enough? Do we need to hype-it-up with mystique like the Eastern religions? Should we wrap up the Christianity’s central message in modern garb to present it as attractive? Can we make the Gospel attractive?

There are several modern attempts to make the Christianity more attractive and appealing to the masses. This article will show some of these attempts and also look at the reason these are not adequate when compared to what is found in the Bible.

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A Collection of Predestination Passages

New Testament Passages and Red-Letter Passages

People commonly talk about destiny in popular culture. On shows like American idol the contestants commonly talk about belonging on the stage, as if it was written in the stars. There’s a fascination with fortune tellers and horoscopes in order to discover our destiny. In a more common way, when we run into people in the most unlikely of places we have a heightened sense of a God who is able to orchestrate such things to happen.

The Scripture talks about destiny; the theological term used to describe this is predestination. God has predestined that people will follow a particular path of redemption. This is knowledge that is uniquely in the mind of God. We cannot open a fortune cookie and see that we are on that path; but for all that are on that path there comes a particular time that you are aware that you are on that path. There comes a time when the Jesus on the pages of the Bible is no longer simply a good teacher. For those who God has predestined, there comes a time when Jesus becomes your personal Lord and Saviour; a time when you are born not of the flesh, but of the Spirit.

It is very powerful to look at a collection of Scripture on a particular subject in order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for what the Bible teaches about a particular subject. I’ve gathered here a collection of passages that speak about predestination. The Bible is full of God’s sovereign work of predestination; there are Scripture passages from the Old Testament and the New Testament. The collection here shows passages from the New Testament, some of them are interpreting events in the Old Testament. There are also passages of Jesus words that he spoke and taught during his earthly ministry.

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Arminian Prayer

A Prayer That is Consistent With Arminian Doctrine

It is said that a great many Christians are Arminian, believing that man is morally capable of choosing Christ for salvation. I’ll write another article on the five point of Arminianism. Meanwhile, have you ever wondered what an Arminian prayer might sound like? Spurgeon masterfully crafted a prayer that is consistent with Arminian theology. Tell me if this sounds like you.