“The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.” - C.S. Lewis


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Would God Let His Word Be Corrupted?

Considering God’s Revelation

With the variety of religions, there are a variety of documents, teaching various versions of spirituality and meaning for life. They all have views of God and claim to teach the truth about reality. A person who takes an intellectually honest look at the various teachings is forced to conclude that either many of them are wrong and only one is right, or all of them are right to some extent. The problem with the later option, is that you would have to admit that God let’s his revelation of truth become corrupted at the hands of men. I would like briefly provide some reasons why the Bible is God’s communication to us, and why it is reasonable to believe that it is uncorrupted by the hands of man.

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God Plans Our Desires

He Has Sovereign Control Over Everything

We Christians easily recognize God’s control over events both good and bad. When good things happen we praise God for the blessings he has given us. When bad things happen we recognize that God must have good reasons and we await to see how God is working amidst the trials and tribulations. But it’s not often that we think about how God works in the hearts and minds of man. The invisible hand of God not only plans every event, but He also plans every thought and desire. In fact, all of redemptive history and the crowing achievement of Jesus Christ has a dependence on God’s incredible orchestration of the desires of a multitude of men. Our salvation is dependent on God’s ability to affect individual desires. An understanding of this may seem insignificant for the Christian life; however, with further inspection, there is great truths, comforts and encouragement to be understood. If you desire to know God more, an important part of God’s character is His sovereignty over all things, including desires.