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How Can Jesus Save You From Alligators?

A Creative Contextualization of the Gospel with Humor

The History Channel has a show called “Ax Men”, showing the lives of men who are logging in different areas of the country. In Florida’s Swanee river, there’s millions of dollars worth of cypress and pine that sunk to the bottom of the river 85 years ago when it was on the way to the mill. Swamp logging involves what amounts to treasure hunting for these logs in swampland that is infested with poisonous snakes and alligators.

In one episode, a couple divers from S&S Aqua Logging are diving for their first time in alligator infested waters. A local has doubts about their experience in what he calls “dark water”. In this exchange, he briefs them for the day’s work.

Local: That’s what you’ll be swimming with today (he shows a picture of a 12 foot 2 inch alligator that was discovered recently)

Diver: Hope we don’t run into something like that down there.

Local: That’s why I’ll be on the boat the next couple days.

Diver: What do you do if one comes up? Just get out of the water?

Local: Give your ass to Jesus cause you gonna be an alligator terd.

Sure, it’s not a complete Gospel; but it just rolled right off his tongue very naturally and gave us a good laugh. I didn’t think I would ever hear someone preach about salvation and alligator terds in the same sentence.

I bet that would make a good bumper sticker.

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