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What Does Fellowship Look Like?

Teaching, Admonishing, Singing Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Our life is compartmentalized into places we go to for teaching, preaching, singing, dancing, socializing. For the Christian, church is often the place we go to for teaching while we gather together in homes for socializing and fellowship. The Bible seems to paint a different picture.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. ” (Col 3:16)

I firmly believe in Sunday morning as the place to go to for gathering of the entire congregation for worship and hearing of the Word of God preached. God has gifted people with special gifts of teaching and leading worship on Sundays; but notice that the scripture says “teaching and admonishing one another”.

The failure to mention or refer to any leaders here (prophets or teachers) may be significant as indicating a responsibility for worship shared by all. (NIGTC)

When you get together with your Christian friends, what do you expect to happen? Do you get together and prefer to just have a time of relaxation and enjoyment or do you expect that there will be a special time of teaching, admonishing and worship?

We’ve had numerous people come over and to some extent we have a time of teaching and admonishing one another; but rarely do we have a time of singing psalms and spiritual songs or prayer. Should this type of interaction be limited to Sunday mornings, or special Bible study gatherings? Or should we, as Christians, plan to do this when we meet with our friends for dinner on a particular evening?

2010 can be a year of Christians getting together and fulfilling this Scripture in our homes and as we gather together. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we should prepare a sermon or teaching session for the next time your friends come over, but this does mean that we should be anticipating a wonderful time of spiritual discussion, listening to and admonishing one another, reading and learning the Scriptures, singing songs, teaching the children, and praying with one another.

Can you picture what it might look like in our home and amongst our families? Do you picture a beautiful, sweet time of fellowship that brings the fruit of the Spirit? If no, then what needs to change for this to become possible for you? If yes, then let’s get to it!

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